Open URL Action

The action module for this action is "vb/action/builtin/openUrlAction".

In a web app, this action open the specified URL in the current window or in a new window using the API. In a mobile app, Cordova's plugin (cordova-plugin-inappbrowser) opens the specified URL.

Parameter Name Description
url The url to navigate to (required)
params A key/value pair map that will be used as query parameters to the url (optional)
hash The hash entry to append to the URL. (optional)
history Defines the effect on the browser history. Allowed values are 'replace' or 'push'. If the value is 'replace', the current browser history entry is replaced, meaning that back button will not go back to it. (optional and default is 'push')
windowName A name identifying the window as defined in the API (optional). If not defined, the URL opens in the current window. Otherwise, refer to the API documentation. In a mobile app, there are 3 possible values: _self, _blank, or _system. The default is _self. Refer to the documentation for cordova-plugin-inappbrowser.

Once on the URL location, the browser back button will re-enter the last page if you specified a value for the windowName parameter that opens the URL in the current window and the page input parameters will be remembered, even if their type is 'fromCaller'.

Example 8-27 Example

To open a URL:

"myActionChain": {
  "root": "myAction",
  "actions": {
    "myAction": {
      "module": "vb/action/builtin/openUrlAction",
      "parameters": {
        "url": "",
        "params": {
          "id": "{{ $page.variables.myId }}"
        "windowName": "myOtherWindow"