Troubleshoot Build Issues

If you run into errors when you try to stage or publish your application, you might need to check the build logs to troubleshoot build-related issues that prevent your app from being staged or published.

Build logs are available in the Logs tab (at the bottom of the window), where you can view up to five of the most recent logs. Logs are generated when your application is successfully staged or published, but you are not explicitly notified. However, when build issues prevent your app from being staged or published (for example, when a missing JavaScript library hinders the app's sources from being bundled, or when errors exist in flow.json, or if optimized application configuration is not correctly defined in build.json), you might see an error message in the Stage Application dialog, with a pointer to open the build logs.

Typically, most build errors occur when you stage your app and must be resolved before you publish it. Here's what to do when you encounter build errors:

  1. Click Open build logs in the dialog.
  2. When the build log opens in the Logs tab, look for errors in the –--Build Error Start--- section, then take steps to resolve the issues. Use the options in the right-click menu to copy and paste messages as needed.

    If you want to view older logs, click the app-build-log-timestamp.log list on the right and select the log whose contents you want to see.

  3. After resolving the issues, stage or publish your app again.