View Instance Metrics

You can use the Metrics pane in the OCI Console to view data about your instance's resource consumption and the number of logged-in users.

To view instance metrics during a specific period of time.

  1. Open the Visual Builder Instance Details page of your instance.
  2. Click Metrics under Resources in the left navigation pane.
  3. In the Metrics pane, select the Start Time and End Time of the period you want to examine.

    You can also select a period in the Quick Selects dropdown list.

The Metrics pane contains three charts that display details about your instance: OCPU Consumption, Concurrent Users and Database Usage. Each chart contains Interval and Statistic dropdown menus for modifying how the metrics are displayed. When you hover over a chart, a tooltip is displayed with more detailed metrics.

OCPU Consumption

The OCPU Consumption chart displays the percentage of each of the instance's CPUs that is being used at a given time.

Concurrent Users

The Concurrent Users chart displays the number of users that are logged in to the instance at a given time.

Database Usage

The Database Usage chart displays how much data is stored in the database at a given time. To see the usage, you need to define a period of time, either by using the Start Time and End Time fields to select dates, or the Quick Select to select a period (for example, "Last 12 hours").