Send Requests

Use the following guidelines when sending requests using the Oracle Application Container Cloud REST API.

URL Structure

Access the Oracle Application Container Cloud REST resources using the following URL structure:
  • apaas.{region} is the host where Oracle Application Container Cloud is running. The region is us for subscribers in the United States. If you are unsure of your host name, locate Oracle Application Container Cloud in the My Services console, click Details, and look at the REST Endpoint value.

    The Service URL listed in the welcome email you receive with your trial or purchased subscription also contains this host. Here is an example Service URL:

    All the examples in this document use for your host system.

  • paas/service/apaas/api/v1.1/apps/ is the fixed prefix for Oracle Application Container Cloud REST resources. For a complete list of resources, see REST Endpoints.

Supported Methods

You can perform operations on Oracle Application Container Cloud using standard HTTP method requests, as summarized in the following table.

HTTP Method Description
GET Retrieve configuration, instance, and status information about an application. You can also retrieve logs, recordings, and metadata files.
POST Create, start, restart, or stop an application. You can also request logs and recordings.
PUT Update an existing application:
  • Upload new code, manifest, and/or deployment files, or

  • Change the amount of memory or number of instances.

DELETE Delete an application. This includes stopping any running instances and removing all of its code, logs, and metadata information from Oracle Application Container Cloud.

Media Types

The following media types are supported by the REST API:

  • application/json

  • multipart/form-data (for creating or updating an application)

Supported Headers

The REST API supports the following headers that may be passed in the header section of the HTTP request or response.

Header Description Example
Content-Type Media type of the body of the request. Required for POST and PUT requests. Content-Type: application/json
Accept Media type of the body of the response. Accept: application/json
X-ID-TENANT-NAME Name of the identity domain for your subscription to Oracle Application Container Cloud. X-ID-TENANT-NAME:ExampleIdentityDomain