Design Considerations

If you’re developing a new application or deploying an existing one to run on Oracle Application Container Cloud Service, keep these requirements in mind.

  • Applications must be configurable at runtime. Most application types must listen on the port provided in the PORT environment variable. Applications can also read user-defined environment variables and environment variables from other services. See Make the Application Configurable at Runtime.

  • Applications must include all dependencies. If your application requires a library to execute, that library must be included in the application when it is deployed. See Make a Standalone Application.

If your application needs to maintain or share state, use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic or Oracle Database Cloud Service for storing data. To use Oracle Database Cloud Service, you must configure a service binding, which you can do in the user interface or the deployment.json file. See Create Metadata Files.

Other than these requirements, the application and the command that launches it are entirely under your control.