Worker Applications

You can deploy a worker application to Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. Applications deployed within your identity domain can access a worker application over a private overlay network. A worker application can’t be accessed by end users.

You can’t access a worker application using a public URL, a public REST API, or the PaaS Service Manager command-line interface. The worker application doesn’t need to read the PORT environment variable, although it can. Similar to a public application, a worker application can use environment variables and service bindings, and it can be scaled and monitored.

To specify a worker application, set the following parameters in the manifest.json file:

  • "type":"worker" – (Required) Specifies a worker application.

  • "isClustered":"true" – (Optional) Specifies that the application is clustered, which is often necessary for a worker application to communicate with a public application.

You can’t change a worker application to a public application by redeploying it. You must delete the application, make the change, and then deploy it as a new application. For more information about how to deploy a worker application, see Deploying an Application.