Monitor Integrations That Subscribe to Events

You can monitor the number of integrations that subscribe to events, as well as their status, on the Subscriptions page.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Observability, then Subscriptions.
    The Subscriptions page shows the active event subscriptions.

    For this example, 3 of the maximum number of 20 integrations allowed for subscribing to events per service instance are currently available.

    The Subscriptions page shows that 3 of 20 subscription integrations are used. A table with columns for Subscriber, Event, Retained events, and Subscriber status.

  2. Click Filter Filter icon to filter by event subscription integrations or retained events (events published, but not yet received by the event subscription integrations).

Details about publishing and subscribing to events in integrations are provided. See Create Integrations to Publish and Subscribe to Events.