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Developing applications that use an Autonomous Transaction Processing dedicated database is quite similar to developing applications that use an Oracle database within your own data center. Because the database is running on Oracle Autonomous Database and is running on dedicated infrastructure available only within your tenancy, there are several differences that simplify the task of developing a continuously available, high-performing, high-security application:

  • Automatic database administration. Routine database administration tasks such as patching and taking backups are performed automatically, so you can concentrate on developing your application.

  • Automatic indexing and performance tuning. You need to spend less time defining and honing your database's structure, thanks to these and other features of Oracle Autonomous Database. See Latest Autonomous Transaction Processing Database Features.

  • Preconfigured continuous availability and high performance. When you connect to the database through an Oracle client, and you code using connection pools, you can automatically take advantage of the continuous availability and high performance features already configured on the database side of your connection. See Code for Continuous Availability and Code for High Performance.

  • Predefined, workload-specific database services. With five pairs of predefined database services, you can connect securely to the database using the database connection service that matches the type of database operations you need to perform. See Database Services for Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated Databases.

About Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated Infrastructure

The database you connect to and use when developing your application is housed in a dedicated infrastructure environment that is designed and created by other users within your Oracle Cloud tenancy and is available only to users in your tenancy. For more about who in your tenancy creates dedicated infrastructure and how they go about designing and creating it, see Fleet Administrator’s Guide to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated Deployments.

Typical Workflow for Developing Applications

Task Description More Information

Create an Autonomous Transaction Processing dedicated database

Create the database that your application will use.

Create a Database

Configure a development system

Ensure that the development system you are using has network access to the database you want to connect to.

Configure a Development System to Access the Database

Define the database structure

Define the database's tables, views, triggers, types, sequences and so on.

Define or Load the Database Structure

Begin building an application

Start building an application that takes advantage of the high-performance and continuous-availability features of an Autonomous Transaction Processing dedicated database.

Build an Application