A Characteristics of Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure Resources

The following table lists the hardware and Oracle Cloud resource characteristics of Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure Resources.

Specification Quarter2.92 Shape
Number of Compute Nodes 2
— Total Maximum Number of Enabled CPU Cores 92
— Total RAM Capacity 1440 GB
Number of Exadata Storage Servers 3
— Total Raw Flash Storage Capacity 76.8 TB
— Total Raw Disk Storage Capacity 360 TB
— Total Usable Storage Capacity 106.9 TB
Maximum SQL Flash Read IOPS 1,194,000
Maximum SQL Flash Write IOPS 1,088,000
Maximum Number of Autonomous Container Databases 12 (See note)
Maximum Number of Autonomous Databases per Autonomous Container Database 92 (See note)


Oracle Autonomous Database does not currently support over-provisioning, the ability for multiple Autonomous Databases to share a single CPU core. Therefore, the Quarter2.92 shape can currently support up to a maximum of 92 Autonomous Databases across all Autonomous Container Databases. This maximum number will increase when Oracle Autonomous Database supports over-provisioning.