PUT_OBJECT Procedure

This procedure copies a file from Autonomous Database to the Cloud Object Storage. The maximum file size allowed in this procedure is 50 gigabytes (GB).


	credential_name      IN VARCHAR2,		
	object_uri           IN VARCHAR2,		
	directory_name       IN VARCHAR2,
	file_name            IN VARCHAR2);	


Parameter Description


The name of the credential to access the Cloud Object Storage.


Object or file URI. The format of the URI depends on the Cloud Object Storage service you are using, for details see Cloud Object Storage URI Formats.


The name of the directory on the Autonomous Transaction Processing dedicated database.


The name of the file in the specified directory.


To run DBMS_CLOUD.PUT_OBJECT with a user other than ADMIN you need to grant read privileges on the directory to that user. For example, run the following command as ADMIN to grant read privileges to atpc_user:

GRANT READ ON DIRECTORY data_pump_dir TO atpc_user;

Usage Note

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure object store does not allow writing files into a public bucket without supplying credentials (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows users to download objects from public buckets). Thus, you must supply a credential name with valid credentials to store an object in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure public bucket using PUT_OBJECT.