This procedure validates the source files for an external table, generates log information, and stores the rows that do not match the format options specified for the external table in a badfile table on Autonomous Database. The overloaded form enables you to use the operation_id parameter.


	table_name      IN VARCHAR2,
	schema_name     IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT,		
	rowcount        IN NUMBER DEFAULT,
	stop_on_error   IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT);

	table_name      IN VARCHAR2,
	operation_id    OUT NOCOPY NUMBER,
	schema_name     IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,		
	rowcount        IN NUMBER DEFAULT 0,
	stop_on_error   IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE);


Parameter Description


The name of the external table.


Use this parameter to track the progress and final status of the load operation as the corresponding ID in the USER_LOAD_OPERATIONS view.


The name of the schema where the external table resides. The default value is NULL meaning the external table is in the same schema as the user running the procedure.


Number of rows to be scanned. The default value is NULL meaning all the rows in the source files are scanned.


Determines if the validate should stop when a row is rejected. The default value is TRUE meaning the validate stops at the first rejected row. Setting the value to FALSE specifies that the validate does not stop at the first rejected row and validates all rows up to the value specified for the rowcount parameter.