3 Loading Data into Autonomous Transaction Processing

Describes packages and tools to load data into Autonomous Transaction Processing.

About Loading Data

You can bulk load data into Autonomous Transaction Processing using Oracle Database tools, and Oracle or other 3rd party data integration tools.

In general you load data from files local to your client computer or from files stored in a cloud-based object store. 

For the fastest data loading experience Oracle recommends uploading the source files to a cloud-based object store, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, before loading the data into your Autonomous Transaction Processing. Oracle provides support for loading files that are located locally in your data center, but when using this method of data loading you should factor in the transmission speeds across the Internet which may be significantly slower.

For more information on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, see Putting Data into Object Storage and Overview of Object Storage.


If you are not using ADMIN user, ensure the user has the necessary privileges for the operations the user needs to perform. See Manage Database User Privileges for more information.