Enable and Disable Application Continuity

Change the failover type on Autonomous Transaction Processing using the DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN procedures to enable or to disable Application Continuity. New sessions use the new failover type from the time when you modify the current value.

Application Continuity masks outages from end users and applications by recovering the in-flight work for impacted database sessions following outages. Application Continuity performs this recovery beneath the application so that the outage appears to the application as a slightly delayed execution.

See Overview of Application Continuity for more information on Application Continuity.

Enabling Application Continuity requires Oracle Client software version 18.3 (or higher).

Application Continuity is enabled on a per database service level. You supply a value for the service_name. You can obtain the value for the service_name parameter to supply when you enable or disable Application Continuity using one of these two techniques:

  • Look in the tnsnames.ora file in wallet.zip file you use to connect to your service. For example:
  • Use a command similar to the following on your database and identify the service where you want to enable or disable Application Continuity:
    SELECT name, failover_type, drain_timeout FROM v$services;
    NAME                                                    FAILOVER_TYPE     DRAIN_TIMEOUT
    ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- -------------
    nvt21_adb1_tp.atp.oraclecloud.com                       TRANSACTION              300 
    nvt21_adb1_tpurgent.atp.oraclecloud.com                 LEVEL1                   300
    nvt21_adb1_low.atp.oraclecloud.com                      TRANSACTION              300 
    nvt21_adb1_high.atp.oraclecloud.com                     TRANSACTION              300 
    nvt21_adb1_medium.atp.oraclecloud.com                   TRANSACTION              300 


By default Application Continuity is disabled.
  1. Use DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.ENABLE_APP_CONT to enable Application Continuity.

    For example, to enable Application Continuity for the service named nvt21_adb1_high in Autonomous Transaction Processing, run the following:

    		service_name => 'nvt21_adb1_high.atp.oraclecloud.com'
  2. Use DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.DISABLE_APP_CONT to disable Application Continuity.

    If you enabled Application Continuity in the service named nvt21_adb1_high and want to disable Application Continuity for this service, run the following:

    		service_name => 'nvt21_adb1_high.atp.oraclecloud.com'

See ENABLE_APP_CONT Procedure for more information on DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.ENABLE_APP_CONT.

See DISABLE_APP_CONT Procedure for more information on DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.DISABLE_APP_CONT.