About Creating Dashboards, Reports, and Notebooks with Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Machine Learning provides the following:

Collaborative Interface for real-time analytics:

  • Based on Apache Zeppelin

  • Allows creation of workspaces, projects, and notebooks

  • Provides a browser-based interactive data analysis environment to develop, document, share, and automate analytical methodologies

  • Notebooks execute in Zeppelin Servers and make secure (TCPS) JDBC connections to Autonomous Transaction Processing for data access.

OML Components:

  • OML User Administration Application:

    • Web based administrative UI for managing (list, create, update, delete) Oracle Machine Learning users

    • Oracle Machine Learning users map to Autonomous Transaction Processing database users

    • Access to Oracle Machine Learning User Management is limited to the administrator

    See Create and Update User Accounts for Oracle Machine Learning for more information on OML User Administration.
  • OML Application

    • Web based application for data scientists

    • Allows for creation of workspaces, projects, and notebooks

    • Notebook execution happens in Zeppelin servers

    See Work with Oracle Machine Learning for Data Access, Analysis, and Discovery for information on accessing OML user workspaces, projects, and notebooks.