Create an Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated Database

Follow these steps to create a new Autonomous Data Warehouse dedicated database using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

  1. Sign in to your Oracle Cloud Account at
  2. Click the Menu icon menu icon in the top corner to display the navigation menu, and then click Autonomous Data Warehouse.

    The Autonomous Databases page is displayed, showing the list of autonomous databases in your current region and compartment.

  3. If needed, switch to the region where you want to create the dedicated database.

    See Switching Regions for information on switching regions and working in multiple regions.

  4. Click Create Autonomous Database.
  5. Select or enter basic information for your new dedicated database:
    • Compartment:  Select a compartment from the list of available compartments.

    • Display Name:  Specify a user-friendly description or other information that helps you easily identify the resource. The display name does not have to be unique.

    • Database Name: Specify the database name; it must consist of letters and numbers only. The maximum length is 14 characters.


      The same database name cannot be used for multiple Autonomous Databases in the same tenancy in the same region.
  6. For the workload type, choose Data Warehouse.
  7. For the infrastructure type, select Dedicated Infrastructure to deploy your database on a dedicated Exadata infrastructure.
  8. Enter the following to configure your database:
    • CPU Core Count: Specify the number of CPU cores for your dedicated database.

    • Storage (TB): Specify the storage to allocate to your dedicated database, in terabytes.

  9. Choose a container database:
    • Select the compartment.
    • Select the High Availability database container.

      High Availability deploys a clustered database in a single Availability Domain and provides monthly uptime matching your SLA. See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement for more information on SLAs.

  10. Set the password for the Admin database user in your new dedicated database.

    The password must meet the strong password complexity criteria based on Oracle Cloud security standards. For more information on the password complexity rules see Create Database Users.

  11. Click Show Advanced Options to select additional features.
    • If you want to use Tags, enter the TAG KEY and VALUE. Tagging is a metadata system that allows you to organize and track resources within your tenancy. Tags are composed of keys and values which can be attached to resources.
  12. Click Create Autonomous Database.

Your display shows Provisioning until the new Autonomous Data Warehouse dedicated database is available.