Deletion of Notebooks Loaded in Zeppelin Server

Notebooks that are loaded in the Zeppelin server, cannot be deleted. To delete the notebooks, they must be unloaded.

Maximum Number of Notebooks that can be Saved

The maximum number of notebooks that can be saved as notebook versions, job logs, personal templates, and shared templates in an Oracle Machine Learning notebook service is 13300 notebooks per tenant.

Notebooks Update Slowly in Browser

Notebooks containing a large number of paragraphs, get updated slowly in the browser.

Notebooks of 50 MB Size are not Saved

Currently, notebooks that are over 50 MB in size are not saved or updated in the repository.

Notebook Hangs while Executing Paragraphs

If a notebook hangs while executing the paragraphs in it, then request your Oracle Machine Learning administrator to restart the Connection Group.

Number of Notebook Versions

The number of notebook versions that a user can create in Oracle Machine Learning is limited to five.

Number of Rows in Interpreter Results

The number of rows in a notebook, SQL, and script interpreter results can be added from the Connection Groups interface. Although you can add any number of rows in a notebook, but adding too many rows may cause the notebook to fail.

Permissions Button in Manage Workspace Should be Disabled for Admin Users

The Permissions button in Manage Workspace should be disabled for the Admin user because the Admin cannot grant permission to any user to his workspace. Currently, the Permissions button is enabled for the Admin user.

Portability of Interpreter Bindings

Interpreter bindings are not portable across Pluggable Databases (PDBs). If you export and import notebooks within the same PDB, then the interpreter bindings are preserved. But if the notebooks are created in different PDBs, then the interpreter bindings are not preserved after import. You must manually set the interpreter bindings after importing the notebook from a different PDB.

Scheduled Job Log

Among the scheduled jobs in Oracle Machine Learning, only the latest 10 job log entries are retained.

Notebooks must be Run to Save Text

After entering text in a notebook paragraph input area, the notebook must be committed by running one or more paragraphs. This saves the text entered in the notebook. If the user enters text and clicks Back before running the notebook, then the text entered is lost.

Users with Administrator Role Restricted from Creating and Running Notebooks

The Oracle Machine Learning administrator is restricted from creating and running notebooks and jobs.

Documentation Accessibility

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Access to Oracle Support

Oracle customers that have purchased support have access to electronic support through My Oracle Support. For information, visit or visit if you are hearing impaired.