Create a Notebook

A notebook is a web-based interface for data analysis, data discovery, data visualization and collaboration.

Before you create a notebook, you must assign it to a project, which resides inside a workspace.
Whenever you create a notebook, it has an interpreter settings specification. The notebook contains an internal list of bindings that determines the order of the interpreter bindings. To create a notebook:
  1. In the Oracle Machine Learning home page, click Notebooks. The Notebooks page opens.
  2. In the Notebooks page, click Create.
    The Create Notebook window appears.
  3. In the Name field, provide a name for the notebook.
  4. In the Comments field, enter comments, if any.
  5. In the Connections field, select a connection in the drop-down list. By default, the Global Connection Group is assigned.
  6. Click OK.
Your notebook is created. You can now use the notebook to fetch data for data discovery and data analysis.