7 Get Started with Notebook Sessions

The Notebook Sessions page provides you an overview of your notebooks, and allows you to manage notebook sessions from your workspace or in workspaces where you have collaboration rights.

In the Notebook Sessions page, you unload and cancel notebook sessions. You can perform the following tasks:
  • Stop: Select the notebook that is running, and click Stop. This stops the selected notebook in the server.

  • Unload: Select the notebook that is loaded, and click Unload. This removes the selected notebook from memory on the server.

The Notebook Sessions page displays the following information about your notebooks:
  • Notebook: The name of the notebook.

  • Project: The project in which the notebook resides.

  • Workspace: The workspace in which the project is available.

  • Connection: The connection name.

  • Owner: The owner of the notebook.

  • Status: The statuses of a notebook are:
    • Loaded: Indicates that the notebook is loaded but not tied to the websocket or running.

    • Active: Indicates that the notebook is tied to the websocket but is not running.

    • Running: Indicates that the notebook paragraph is queued to run or is running.