Preview Versions for Autonomous Database

Oracle periodically provides a preview version of Autonomous Database that allows you to test your applications and to become familiar with features in the next release of Autonomous Database.

Preview Version Overview

When an Autonomous Database preview version is available you can provision an Autonomous Database to try new features and to test your applications before the general availability of these features. Preview versions of Autonomous Database are typically available for a limited time.

Do not use preview versions for production databases or for databases that need to persist beyond the limited preview period. Note that preview version databases and their associated resources, including backups, are terminated automatically at the conclusion of the preview period. Oracle will notify you prior to the conclusion of the preview period regarding the end date of the preview. Databases that you provision or clone with a preview version display the end date of the preview period at the top of the Autonomous Database details page in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

The current preview version of Autonomous Database is Oracle Database 19c. See Oracle Database Release 19c New Features for details on the new features in Oracle Database 19c.

Create a Preview Version with Autonomous Database

You create a preview version of Autonomous Database either by provisioning a new database or by cloning an existing database:

  • To provision a new preview version of Autonomous Database follow the steps to provision a database and select Enable Preview Mode and accept the preview termination notice. See Provision Autonomous Data Warehouse for details on provisioning Autonomous Databases.

  • To clone an Autonomous Database to a preview version follow the steps to clone a database and select Enable Preview Mode and accept the preview termination notice. See Clone an Autonomous Data Warehouse Instance for details on cloning Autonomous Databases.


    Any existing Autonomous Database, including those provisioned with preview version, can be cloned using the preview version of Autonomous Database. Preview version databases cannot be cloned to a non-preview version of Autonomous Database.

Oracle Autonomous Database Preview Version 19c Notable Settings

This section provides descriptions of some of the default settings in Oracle Database Preview Version 19c for Autonomous Database:

  • Real-Time Statistics: Enabled by default. Real-Time Statistics enables the database to automatically gather real-time statistics during conventional DML operations. Fresh statistics enable the optimizer to produce more optimal plans. See Real-Time Statistics for more information.

  • High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection: Enabled by default. High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection enables the database to gather optimizer statistics every 15 minutes for objects that have stale statistics. See About High-Frequency Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection for more information.

  • SQL Quarantine: Disabled and not supported in Autonomous Database.

  • High-Frequency SQL Plan Management Evolve Advisor Task: Enabled by default. When enabled, the database will assess the opportunity for automatic SQL plan changes to improve the performance for known statements every hour. A frequent execution means that the Optimizer has more opportunities to find and evolve to better performing plans. See Managing the SPM Evolve Advisor Task for more information.

  • Automatic Indexing: Disabled by default. To take advantage of automatic indexing you can enable automatic indexing. When enabled automatic indexing automates the index management tasks in an Oracle database. Automatic indexing automatically creates, rebuilds, and drops indexes in a database based on the changes in application workload, thus improving database performance. See Managing Auto Indexes for more information.