Upgrade an Autonomous Database Instance to Oracle Database 19c

If your Autonomous Database instance is on Oracle Database 18c, after notifying you of the upgrade date, Oracle will automatically upgrade your instance to Oracle Database 19c. If you want to upgrade at a time of your choosing, then you can manually upgrade your database to Oracle Database 19c. By choosing to manually upgrade, you can start using the Autonomous Database features that are available in Oracle Database 19c prior to the automatic upgrade date.


If your Autonomous Database instance is on Oracle Database 18c, Oracle recommends cloning the instance to Oracle Database 19c and testing your applications before doing the actual upgrade.

If you are using Always Free Autonomous Database, you can wait for your Always Free instance to be automatically upgraded to Oracle Database 19c. You can also manually upgrade to Oracle Database 19c by cloning your Always Free database to a paid instance.

The following sections cover the database version upgrade methods for Autonomous Database:

See Oracle Database Versions and Availability by Region for the list of regions and database versions.

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