About Oracle REST Data Services in Autonomous Database

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) makes it easy to develop REST interfaces for relational data in an Autonomous Data Warehouse database. A mid-tier Java application, ORDS maps HTTP(S) verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and so on) to database transactions, and returns any results as JSON data.


The Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) application in Autonomous Data Warehouse is preconfigured and fully managed. ORDS connects to the database using the low predefined database service with a fixed maximum number of connections (the number of connections for ORDS does not change based on the number of OCPUs). It is not possible to change the default ORDS configuration.

See About Customer Managed Oracle REST Data Services on Autonomous Database for information on using an additional alternative ORDS deployment that enables flexible configuration options.

See Oracle REST Data Services for information on using Oracle REST Data Services.

See Predefined Database Service Names for Autonomous Data Warehouse for information on the low database service.