1 Getting Started with Autonomous Database

Provides an overview of the service and describes how to get started with Autonomous Database.

About Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance, and requires no database administration.

A dedicated Autonomous Database provides you a private database cloud in the public cloud. With your dedicated database, you get a completely dedicated compute, storage, network, and database service, providing the highest security, isolation, and governance levels.

You can configure your dedicated database in two different modes based on the workload type, as:
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a cloud data warehouse service that eliminates virtually all the complexities of operating a data warehouse, securing data, and developing data-driven applications.

The service automates provisioning, configuring, securing, tuning, scaling, patching, backing up, and repairing of the data warehouse. Unlike other fully managed cloud data warehouse solutions that only patch and update the service, Autonomous Data Warehouse features elastic, automated scaling, performance tuning, security, and a broad set of built-in converged database capabilities that enable simpler queries across multiple data types, machine learning analysis, simple data loading, and data visualizations.

Autonomous Data Warehouse service is available in both the Oracle public cloud and your own data center on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is a cloud database service that eliminates the complexity of operating and securing high-performance databases.

The service automates provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of databases. Additionally, the service includes all of Oracle’s advanced database options, such as real application clusters (RAC), multitenant, partitioning, in-memory, advanced security, and advanced compression. The service is built to support everything from simple web apps to large and sophisticated applications that are critical for business operation.

Autonomous Transaction Processing service is available in both the Oracle public cloud and your own data center on Exadata Cloud@Customer.