Key Features of Autonomous Database

Autonomous Database provides the following set of features to offer affordable, feature-rich database service in the cloud.

  • Fully Managed: Oracle simplifies end-to-end management of the database with self-driving Autonomous Database technology. With Autonomous Database, you do not need to configure or manage any hardware or install any software. Autonomous Database handles creating the database, backing up the database, patching and upgrading the database, growing or shrinking the database, and other routine database maintenance tasks without human intervention and with no service downtime.
  • Fully Tuned: Autonomous Database is designed as a “Load and Go” service to define tables, load data, and start running queries. Autonomous Database provides great performance out of the box. You can run your queries using Oracle database Client Drivers from all popular programming languages, any business analytics tool, cloud service, built-in SQL worksheet, or even a machine-learning notebook.
  • Fully Elastic: Autonomous Database is a fully elastic service. When you get started with Autonomous Database, you can simply specify the number of OCPUs (a unit expression of Compute cores) and the database's storage capacity. Any time later, you can either enable an auto-scaling feature or manually scale, increase or decrease, either the OCPUs or the storage capacity. When you enable auto-scaling or perform manual scaling, your dedicated database resources shrink or grow without any downtime or service interruptions. You can size the Autonomous Database to the exact compute and storage required or even shut off idle compute to save money.
  • High Performing: Autonomous Database provides a high performing database with features such as:
    • Automated index management
    • Automatic real-time statistics gathering
    • Optimized high-frequency single-row inserts for applications
    • preconfigured resource profiles for different types of users to achieve optimized query performance and concurrent workloads

    For a comprehensive list of the latest features, see Latest Autonomous Database Features.

  • Easy to Use: Autonomous Database includes a complete REST based API and a cloud-based service console for managing the service (for tasks such as stopping, starting, or scaling the service) and monitoring the service (for functions such as viewing the recent activity levels on the data warehouse).
  • Compatible with Existing Applications and Tools: Autonomous Database is built upon Oracle Database so that the applications and tools that support Oracle Database also support Autonomous Database. These tools and applications can either be in your data center or a public cloud and connect to Autonomous Database using standard SQL*Net connections.
  • Integration with Third Party Tools and Utilities: With Autonomous Database, you can integrate your database applications with other Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service, and Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud. You can use the Database Migration Utility provided by Autonomous Database to easily migrate your data from MySQL, Postgre SQL, SQL Server, and other databases. ADB supports connectivity via SQL*Net, JDBC, and ODBC.
  • Enriched with Built-in Tools: Autonomous Database comes with built-in tools such as:
    • Oracle Application Express (APEX), a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps with world-class features.
    • Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), a Java Enterprise Edition based data service that makes it easy to develop modern REST interfaces for relational data and JSON Document Store.
    • Oracle Database Actions, a browser-based interface of Oracle SQL Developer.