Restrictions and Limitations for Oracle APEX with Autonomous Database

This section lists the feature restrictions and limitations of Oracle APEX when used within the context of Autonomous Database. Certain limitations are required to protect the security and performance of your Oracle APEX environment.

  • Disabled options in Administration Services:

    Some Oracle APEX Administration Services configuration options are disabled. The following are examples of configuration options that have been predefined by Oracle and cannot be altered:

    • Authentication scheme used to access App Builder ("Database Accounts").
    • Manage Requests - Ability to enable, submit, and approve self-service workspace requests and change requests. For example, Manage Instance, Self-Service Sign Up.
    • Manage Instance, Instance Settings - Security, Instance Settings, and Workspace Purge Setting. Workspace Isolation:

      • Security (HTTP Protocol, Real Application Security, Session Time Out, Workspace Isolation, Region and Web Service Excluded Domains, Authentication Control, Password Policy).

      • Instance Settings (Workspace Creation Provisioning, Email Provisioning, Storage, Email, Wallet, Report Printing, Help, New Workspace Request Size, Workspace Change Request Size, Application ID Range, Background Jobs).

      • Workspace Purge Settings.

    • Web proxy, Oracle Wallet, and print server configuration
    • Daily limits of outbound web service calls and email messages
    • An option to make insecure outbound web service calls
  • Disabled options in Workspace Administration:

    • Make a Service Request - Ability to make service requests for schemas, storage, and termination.
  • The following application authentication schemes are supported with limitations:

  • Only the following APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN procedures and functions are supported:

    See APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN in Oracle APEX API Reference for more information.
  • SMTP APEX instance parameters and certain others may be set using the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN package.

    See Available Parameter Values in Oracle APEX API Reference for more information.

  • Oracle APEX is only available as a Full Development environment. Converting into a Runtime environment, which minimizes the installed software footprint and removes UI components such as App Builder and Administration Services, is not supported.