Oracle XML DB

Describes Autonomous Database support for Oracle XML DB features. To ensure the security and the performance of your Autonomous Database, some Oracle XML DB features are restricted.

The following is supported, in addition to the features listed:

  • Full support for XMLQuery, XMLTable, and other SQL/XML standard functions

  • Indexing schema including functional indexes using SQL/XML expressions, Structured XMLIndex and XQuery Full Text Index


If you migrate tables containing XMLType columns to Autonomous Database using Oracle Data Pump, you need to convert to Non-Schema Binary XML prior to using Oracle Data Pump Export (expdp).
Area XML DB Feature Supported in Autonomous Database More Information
Repository XML DB Protocol No Repository Access Using Protocols
Repository XML DB Resources No Oracle XML DB Repository Resources
Repository XML DB ACLs No Repository Access Control
Storage XML Schema Registration No XML Schema Registration with Oracle XML DB
Storage CLOB No Deprecated
Storage Object Relational No XML Schema and Object-Relational XMLType
Storage Binary XML Yes (Non schema-based only) XMLType Storage Models
Index Structured XML Index Yes XMLIndex Structured Component
Index XQuery Full Text Index Yes Indexing XML Data for Full-Text Queries
Index Unstructured XMLIndex No XMLIndex Unstructured Component
Packages XML DOM package Yes PL/SQL DOM API for XMLType (DBMS_XMLDOM)
Packages XML Parser Package Yes PL/SQL Parser API for XMLType (DBMS_XMLPARSER)

For details on Oracle XML DB, see Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide.