Disable Azure Service Principal

To disable access to Azure resources from Autonomous Database with Azure service principal, use DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.DISABLE_PRINCIPAL_AUTH.

To disable Azure service principal on Autonomous Database:

        provider => 'AZURE',
        username => 'adb_user');

When the provider value is AZURE and the username is a user other than the ADMIN user, the procedure revokes the privileges from the specified user. In this case, the ADMIN user and other users can continue to use ADMIN.AZURE$PA and the application that is created for the Autonomous Database instance remains on the instance.

When the provider value is AZURE and the username is ADMIN, the procedure disables Azure service principal based authentication and deletes the Azure service principal application on the Autonomous Database instance. In this case, if you want to enable Azure service principal you must perform all the steps required to use Azure service principal again, including the following:

See DISABLE_PRINCIPAL_AUTH Procedure for more information.