Use Oracle Analytics Cloud with Autonomous Database

You can use Oracle Analytics Cloud with Autonomous Database. Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a complete set of tools for deriving and sharing data insights.

  • Data preparation: Analysts can ingest, profile, and cleanse data using a variety of algorithms.

  • Data flow: Analysts can prepare, transform and aggregate data, and then run machine-learning models at scale.

  • Data discovery: Subject matter experts can easily collaborate with other business users, blending intelligent analysis at scale, machine learning, and statistical modeling.

  • Data visualization: Analysts can visualize any data, on any device, on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Data collaboration: Large organizations and small teams can share data more simply, as you don't need to manage or consolidate multiple versions of spreadsheets.

  • Data-driven: Application developers can utilize interfaces that enable them to extend, customize, and embed rich analytic experiences in the application flow.

See Visualizing Data and Building Reports in Oracle Analytics Cloud for details on connecting Autonomous Database with Oracle Analytics Cloud.