Shows the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console Autonomous Database Details page.

Top area shows the Refreshable Clone banner. This shows information on the refresh timestamp, the date for the last possible refresh for the refreshable clone. Also includes the Refresh Clone Button.

Shows the display name and the tag, Refreshable Clone.

Shows the buttons: Database Actions, DB Connection, Performance Hub, Manage Scaling, and More Actions.

Also shows the Autonomous Database Information fields:

General Information area: Database Name, Workload Type, Compartment, OCID, Created, OCPU Count, OCPU auto scaling, Storage (TB), Storage auto scaling, License Type, Database Version, Lifecycle State, Instance Type, Character Set, National Character Set, Auto Start/Stop Schedule, and Mode.

Associated Services area: Database Management and Operation Insights.

APEX Instance area, Instance Name.

Infrastructure area: Dedicated Infrastructure: No.

Network area: Access Type shows Allow access from anywhere. Access Control List: includes an Edit link, and Mutual TLS (mTLS) Authentication shows Required and an Edit link.

Maintenance area: Patch Level, Next Maintenance, and Customer Contacts.

Clone Information area shows Clone Type, Source Database (with a link), and Refresh Point. The clone Information area is highlighted.

Encryption area, Encryption Key shows Oracle-managed key.