The image shows the Filter panel of the Oracle Autonomous Database wizard.

The wizard pane displays the three panels of the wizard, namely, Analytic View, Filter and Query Result.

Under "Add/Edit filter conditions", there is an "Edit/Add filters to query" drop-down where you can select the filters from the drop-down list.

Below the filter condition, there is "Column Name" drop-down. You can view "YEAR" as the "Column Name".

Below the "Column Name", there is drop-down list of "Attribute Name". The field displays "YEAR_NAME" as the "Attribute Name".

The "Operator" drop-down displays ">" as the operator from the list of operators in the drop-down.

Below the "Operator", there is an editor where you can manually enter the "Values". The current field displays "30000".

You can select "Add filter" button below the "Operator" filed to add filter conditions.

The bottom left of the wizard displays the "Previous" button and the bottom right displays the "Next" button.