Manage Time Zone File Version on Autonomous Database

For time zone support, Oracle Database uses time zone files that store the list of all time zones. The time zone files for Autonomous Database are periodically updated to reflect the latest time zone specific changes.

Autonomous Database automatically picks up updated time zone files depending on the state of the instance:

  • Stopped: At the next start operation the update is automatically applied.

  • Available: After a restart the update is automatically applied.

When a load or import operation results in the following timezone related error, restart your instance and try again:

ORA-39405: Oracle Data Pump does not support importing from a source database with TSTZ version n+1 
into a target database with TSTZ version n.

The restart operation upgrades the time zone file to the latest version available for your database. The columns in your database with the datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE are converted to the new time zone version during the restart. See TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE Data Type for more information.