Access Control List Restrictions and Notes

Describes restrictions and notes for access control rules on Autonomous Database.

  • If you want to only allow connections coming through a service gateway you need to use the IP address of the service gateway in your ACL definition. To do this you need to add an ACL definition with the CIDR source type with the value Note that this is not recommended, instead of this you can specify individual VCNs in your ACL definition for the VCNs you want to allow access from.

    See Access to Oracle Services: Service Gateway for more information.

  • When you restore a database the existing ACLs are not overwritten by the restore.

  • The network ACLs apply to the database connections and Oracle Machine Learning notebooks. If an ACL is defined, if you try to login to Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks from a client whose IP is not specified on the ACL this shows the "login rejected based on access control list set by the administrator" error.

  • The following Autonomous Database tools are subject to ACLs. You can use Virtual Cloud Network, Virtual Cloud Network (OCID), IP address, or CIDR block ACLs to control access to these tools:

    • Database Actions
    • Oracle APEX
    • Oracle Graph Studio
    • Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks
    • Oracle REST Data Services
  • If you have a private subnet in your VCN that is configured to access the public internet through a NAT Gateway, you need to enter the public IP address of the NAT Gateway in your ACL definition. Clients in the private subnet do not have public IP addresses. See NAT Gateway for more information.

  • If you are using ACLs and TLS connections are allowed, you must change your network configuration to not allow TLS connections before removing all ACLs. See Update your Autonomous Database Instance to Require mTLS and Disallow TLS Authentication for more information.