Access RESTful Services and SODA for REST

Each Autonomous Database includes Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) that provides HTTPS interfaces for working with the contents of your Oracle Database in REST enabled schemas.

Perform the following prerequisite steps as necessary:

  • Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console by clicking the navigation icon next to Oracle Cloud.

  • From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure left navigation menu click Oracle Database and then, depending on your workload click one of: Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous JSON Database, or Autonomous Transaction Processing.
  • On the Autonomous Databases page select an Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.

To use Oracle REST Data Services and SODA for REST:

  1. From the Autonomous Database details page click Database Actions.
  2. On the Database Actions launchpad, under Related Services, click the RESTful Services and SODA card to see the base URL.
  3. Click Copy to copy the URL.


If you are using Always Free Autonomous Database with Oracle Database 21c, Oracle recommends the following:

For projects that were started using a database release prior to Oracle Database 21c, explicitly specify the metadata for the default collection as specified in the example in the section SODA Drivers. For projects started using release Oracle Database 21c or later, just use the default metadata. See SODA Drivers for more information.