Load Purchase-Order Sample Data Using SODA for REST

Oracle provides a substantial set of JSON purchase-order documents, in plain-text file POList.json, as a JSON array of objects, where each such object represents a document.

The following examples use the cURL command line tool (http://curl.haxx.se/) to submit REST requests to the database. However, other 3rd party REST clients and libraries should work as well. The examples use database schema ADMIN, which is REST-enabled. You can use SODA for REST with cURL commands from the Oracle Cloud Shell.

You can load this sample purchase-order data set into a collection purchaseorder on your Autonomous Database with SODA for REST, using these curl commands:

curl -X GET "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oracle/db-sample-schemas/master/order_entry/POList.json" -o POList.json

curl -X PUT -u 'ADMIN:password' \

curl -X POST -H -u 'ADMIN:password' 'Content-type: application/json' -d @POList.json \

You can then use this purchase-order data to try out examples in Oracle Database JSON Developer’s Guide.

For example, the following query selects both the id of a JSON document and values from the JSON purchase-order collection stored in column json_document of table purchaseorder. The values selected are from fields PONumber, Reference, and Requestor of JSON column json_document, which are projected from the document as virtual columns (see SQL NESTED Clause Instead of JSON_TABLE for more information).

SELECT id, t.*
  FROM purchaseorder
    NESTED json_document COLUMNS(PONumber, Reference, Requestor) t;

See the following for more information: