View Refreshable Clones for an Autonomous Database Instance

If you know a refreshable clone's display name, you can view the instance by selecting from the list of Autonomous Databases on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. For a refreshable clone, the Display Name field includes a Refreshable Clone tag to indicate the instance is a refreshable clone.

The Clone Information area shows details for a refreshable clone. While viewing information for a refreshable clone you can view the source database information by clicking the link in the Source Database field.

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Under Clone Information, the Refresh Point value is the timestamp of the source database's data that the clone was last refreshed with.

If an Autonomous Database has attached refreshable clones, you can view the refreshable clones as follows:

  1. Choose your region. See Switching Regions for information on switching regions and working in multiple regions.
  2. Choose your Compartment. See Compartments for information on using and managing compartments.
  3. Select an Autonomous Database instance from the list in your compartment.
  4. On the Autonomous Database Details page, under Resources, click Refreshable Clones.

This shows the list of refreshable clones for the Autonomous Database instance.

If you click more actions icon at the end of a row for a refreshable clone in the Refreshable Clones list, you can select an action to perform for the refreshable clone.

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