Service Console Replacement with Database Actions

The Autonomous Database functionality that was available from the Service Console is now available in Database Actions. If you are familiar with the Service Console, the following provides a mapping of equivalent functionality in Database Actions.

Service Console Area Equivalent in Database Actions More Information

Monitoring: Database Monitor → Overview tab

Database Monitor Overview
Activity: Monitor Tab

Monitoring: Database Monitor → Monitor tab

Database Monitor Activity
Activity: Monitored SQL Tab

Monitoring: Performance Hub

Use Database Actions to Monitor Active Session History Analytics and SQL Statements
Administration: Download Client Credentials (Wallet)

Administration: Download Client Credentials (Wallet)

Download Client Credentials (Wallets)
Administration: Set Resource Management Rules

Administration: Set Resource Management Rules

Manage Concurrency and Priorities on Autonomous Database

Manage CPU/IO Shares on Autonomous Database

Manage Runaway SQL Statements on Autonomous Database

Administration: Set Administrator Password

Administration: Database Users

Manage the Administrator Account on Autonomous Database
Administration: Manage Oracle ML Users

Development: Oracle Machine Learning

Create and Update User Accounts for Oracle Machine Learning Components on Autonomous Database
Development: Download Oracle Instant Client

Downloads: Download Oracle Instant Client

Connect to Autonomous Database Using a Client Application

Development: Download SODA Drivers

Downloads: Download SODA Drivers

Use SODA for REST with Autonomous Database

Development: Oracle APEX

Development: APEX

Access Oracle APEX Administration Services
Development: Database Actions

Database Actions

Connect with Built-in Oracle Database Actions
Development: Oracle Machine Learning User Interface

Development: Oracle Machine Learning

Work with Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks for Data Access, Analysis, and Discovery
Development: RESTful Services and SODA

Related Services: RESTful Services and SODA

Access RESTful Services and SODA for REST
Development: Oracle Machine Learning RESTful services

Related Services: Oracle Machine Learning RESTful services

REST API for Oracle Machine Learning Services

Development: Oracle Database API for MongoDB

Related Services: Oracle Database API for MongoDB

Connect MongoDB Applications to Autonomous Database