B Compute VM as a Development System

Oracle provides an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace image that you can use to create an Oracle Cloud Compute instance to serve as your application development system. This image is preconfigured to contain many development tools and utilities.

To use this Marketplace image to create a development system, follow the instructions in the Configuring a development system for use with your dedicated autonomous database hands-on lab.

To go through this lab, note that you will need:

  • The name of the compartment, VCN and subnet to use when creating the Oracle Cloud Compute instance. Your autonomous database fleet administrator or tenancy administrator should be able to provide you this information.
  • An ssh key to use when creating the Oracle Cloud Compute instance.
  • An Oracle Cloud user account that has access rights to manage Compute instances and App Catalog listings in the given compartment, to use the given VCN and subnet, and to view information about the dedicated database you will be connecting to.