Develop Applications with Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure

You can connect to your Autonomous Database and start developing database applications after your fleet administrator sets up infrastructure resources and an application database administrator (Application DBA) provisions an Autonomous Database with database users.

Task Description More Information

Create an Autonomous Database

Create the database that your application will use.

Create the Database

Configure a development system

Ensure that the development system you are using has network access to the database you want to connect to.

Configure a Development System to Access the Database

Connect to your database

Obtain security credentials and connect to your Autonomous Database using a database client or tool.

Connect to a Dedicated Autonomous Database

Define or load the database structure

Define the database's tables, views, triggers, types, sequences and so on.

Define or Load the Database Structure

Begin building an application

Start building an application that takes advantage of the high-performance and continuous-availability features of an Autonomous Database.

The Basics of Building an Application