Enable or Disable Database In-Memory

You can enable or disable Database In-Memory from the Details page of an Autonomous Database.

Please see Database In-Memory for the requirements and guidelines to use this feature with Autonomous Database.

Required IAM Permissions

use autonomous-databases


  1. Go to the Details page of the database for which you want to enable or disable Database In-Memory. For instructions, see View Details of a Dedicated Autonomous Database


    For databases that use Autonomous Data Guard, go to the Details page of the primary database.

  2. Open the Manage scaling dialog using any of the two options below:
    • Option 1: Click Manage scaling.
    • Option 2: Under Resource allocation, click Enable next to In-Memory Area.
  3. To enable Database In-Memory, select the Enable database In-memory check-box. If this box is pre-selected, deselecting it will disable Database In-Memory.
  4. When you enable Database In-Memory, adjust the slider to set a percentage of System Global Area (SGA) to the In-Memory area.
  5. Click Save.