IP Requirements for Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster

APPLIES TO: Applicable Oracle Cloud only

If you are provisioning an Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster resource in more than one region, make sure the IP address space of the Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) does not overlap. This is important if you want to set up disaster recovery with Autonomous Data Guard.

The two subnets you create for the Autonomous Database service on Oracle Cloud must not overlap with


For Exadata Cloud@Customer IP requirements, refer to IP Addresses and Subnets for Exadata Cloud at Customer.

Minimum Required Subnet Sizes

The following table lists the minimum required subnet sizes for Autonomous Database deployments on Oracle Cloud.


The Networking service reserves three IP addresses in each subnet. Allocating a larger space for the subnet than the minimum required (for example, at least /25 instead of /28) can reduce the relative impact of those reserved addresses on the subnet's available space.

Rack Size Client Subnet: # Required IP Addresses Client Subnet: Minimum Size
Base System or Quarter Rack (4 addresses * 2 nodes) + 3 for SCANs + 3 reserved in subnet = 14 /28 (16 IP addresses)
Half Rack (4 * 4 nodes) + 3 + 3 = 22 /27 (32 IP addresses)
Full Rack (4* 8 nodes) + 3 + 3 = 38 /26 (64 IP addresses)
Flexible infrastructure systems (X8M and higher) 4 addresses per database node (minimum of 2 nodes) + 3 for SCANs + 3 reserved in subnet /28 is the minimum subnet size, but the addition of each node increases the subnet size correspondingly.