Manage Long-Term Backups

You can view the list of long-term backups for an Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure and modify or delete them from its Details page.

Required IAM Policies

  • read autonomous-databases
  • manage autonomous-backups


  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Database for which you want to modify a long-term backup.
  2. Scroll down and locate Backups under Resources.
    All the existing backups for this Autonomous Database are listed with the details such as its name, state, type, retention period, Database version, backup destination, expiration date, and encryption key.
  3. Long-term backups are listed with Long-term as their Type. You can perform the following actions on a long-term backup by clicking the Actions menu next to it.
    Action Steps
    Clone a long-term backup

    Click the actions icon, and select Create Clone.

    The Clone Autonomous Database page opens with Clone Source defaulted to this long-term backup.

    Provide the remaining details on this page, and click Clone Autonomous Database.

    Refer to Clone Autonomous Database from Backup

    for more details.
    Edit the retention period

    Click the actions icon, and select Edit retention period.

    Choose the Retention period of your choice from the Edit long-term backup retention period dialog, and click Save.

    The long-term backup's Expiration date updates accordingly.

    Delete a long-term backup

    Click the actions icon, and select Delete.

    Click Delete on the confirmation dialog that appears. The backups State changes to Deleted.