Move an Autonomous Container Database to a Different Compartment

You can move an Autonomous Container Database to a different Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compartment.


As soon as you move an Autonomous Container Database to a different compartment, the policies that govern the new compartment apply immediately and affect access to the Autonomous Container Database. Therefore, both your and other Oracle Cloud users' access to it may change, depending on the policies governing the user account's access to resources. For example, a user may lose the ability to create Autonomous Databases in the Autonomous Container Database, given its new compartment.

Required IAM Policies

use autonomous-container-databases in the Autonomous Container Database's current compartment and in the compartment you are moving it to.


  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Container Database you want to move.

    For instructions, see View Details of an Autonomous Container Database.

  2. Click Move Resource.

  3. In the Move Resource to a Different Compartment page, select the new compartment.

  4. Click Move Resource.