Restart an Autonomous Container Database

You restart an Autonomous Container Database by clicking Restart on its Details page.

The restart of an Autonomous Container Database occurs in a rolling fashion, first stopping and starting one of the container database's database instances and then stopping and starting its other database instance. Thus, at no time are the container database or any of the Autonomous Databases created in it unavailable.


You may experience performance degradation while restarting an Autonomous Container Database with Database In-Memory enabled Autonomous Databases. For additional information on Database In-Memory, see Database In-Memory.

Required IAM Policies

use autonomous-container-databases


  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Container Database you want to restart.

    For instructions, see View Details of an Autonomous Container Database.

  2. Click Restart.

  3. In the Restart dialog:

    1. Enter the name of the Autonomous Container Database.

    2. Click Restart to begin the rolling restart operation.