View Connection Strings for an Autonomous Database

You can view the TNS names and connection strings of an Autonomous Database from its Details page on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console.

Required IAM Policies

inspect autonomous-databases


To view the connection strings for an Autonomous Database:
  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Database for which you want to view connection strings.
    For instructions, see View Details of a Dedicated Autonomous Database.


    For databases that use Autonomous Data Guard, go to the Details page of the primary database.
  2. Click Database connection to open the Database connection dialog.
  3. The Database connection dialog displays connection strings in a table format with TNS name and its connection string in each row.
    mTLS and TLS connections use the same TNS names, but their connection strings differ according to their port definitions. The type of connection strings shown will depend on the settings chosen when creating the parent Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster. See Create an Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster for more information.
  4. In the Connection string column, click Show to display the complete connection string or click Copy to copy the entire connection string.
  5. For cross-region standby Autonomous Databases, you can select Show region-specific connection strings to view connection strings specific to the selected region.


    This option is available only when the standby database is in a region different from the primary database.