View Resource Usage for an Autonomous Container Database

Follow these steps to view the Autonomous Container Database's resource usage details.

Required IAM Policies

inspect autonomous-container-databases


To view the resource usage visualizations for an ACD:
  1. Go to the Details page of the Autonomous Container Database.

    For instructions, see View Details of an Autonomous Container Database.

  2. On the Details page, locate the Resource Usage section. In this section, you can get a quick overview of the ACD's resource usage, as:
    • Provisioned CPUs
    • Reserved CPUs
    • Reclaimable CPUs
    • Database Memory per CPU (GB)
    • Largest provisionable ADB, that is, the maximum number of CPUs that can assigned to a new Autonomous Database in this ACD.


    The above resource attributes are explained in Resource Terminology.
  3. To get more details and a comprehensive picture of the resource usage details for this ACD, click the View Details link.
  4. The Resource usage details page opens with the following sections:
    • CPU usage: This section shows the number of provisioned, reserved, and reclaimable CPUs for this ACD.
    • CPU usage at VM level: This section has graphical and tabular representations of the ACD's resource usage.


      You can choose to see this information either in the graphical or tabular view by selecting Chart view or Table view from the drop-down list at the top-right corner of this section.

      For more information on the details presented in the chart and tabular formats, refer to Resource Usage Visualizations.

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