About Work Requests

You can view Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Work Requests on Autonomous Database.

A work request is an activity log that enables you to track each step in an operation's progress. Each work request has an Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID) that allows you to interact with it programmatically.

Autonomous Database work requests are created for the following operations:
  • Creating or terminating an Autonomous Database instance
  • Starting or stopping an Autonomous Database instance
  • Restoring an Autonomous Database instance
  • Cloning an Autonomous Database instance
  • Scaling database storage or CPU
  • Updating the database license type
  • Updating a database's network access control list (ACL)

Under Resources on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console click Work Requests to see recent work requests.

Click the link under Operation to see more details for a work request.

See Work Requests Integration for more information.