Database Link Notes with a Target that is an Autonomous Database

Provides notes for creating database links to a target that is another Autonomous Database.

Notes for database links to another Autonomous Database:

  • Only one wallet file is valid per directory for use with database links. You can only upload one cwallet.sso at a time to the directory you choose for wallet files (for example DBLINK_WALLET_DIR). This means with a cwallet.sso in DBLINK_WALLET_DIR you can only create database links to the databases for which the wallet in that directory is valid. To use multiple cwallet.sso files with database links you need to create additional directories and put each cwallet.sso in a different directory. When you create database links with DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.CREATE_DATABASE_LINK, specify the directory that contains the wallet with the directory_name parameter.

    See Create Directory in Autonomous Database for information on creating directories.

  • To list the database links, use the ALL_DB_LINKS view. See ALL_DB_LINKS for more information.

  • The wallet file, along with the Database user ID and password provide access to data in the target Autonomous Database. Store wallet files in a secure location. Share wallet files only with authorized users.