Use Sample Data Sets in Autonomous Database

For users who want to start using the service without creating their own tables, Autonomous Database provides the read-only Sales History and Star Schema Benchmark data sets.

These data sets are provided as Oracle Database schemas SH and SSB respectively. Any user can query these data sets without any manual configuration.

Notes for the Sample Data sets:

  • Both the SH and SSB are provided as schema-only users, so you cannot unlock or drop those users or set a password.

  • The storage size of the sample data sets is not counted towards or billed for in your database's storage.

Sales History (SH) Schema

The SH schema provides a small data set you can use to run the sample queries in the Oracle Database Data Warehousing Guide. Note that you need to prefix the table names with the schema name SH in your queries. For example, the following query shows you how the SQL function RANK() works:

SELECT channel_desc, TO_CHAR(SUM(amount_sold), '9,999,999,999') SALES$,
   RANK() OVER (ORDER BY SUM(amount_sold)) AS default_rank,
   RANK() OVER (ORDER BY SUM(amount_sold) DESC NULLS LAST) AS custom_rank
FROM sh.sales, sh.products, sh.customers, sh.times, sh.channels, sh.countries
WHERE sales.prod_id=products.prod_id AND sales.cust_id=customers.cust_id
  AND customers.country_id = countries.country_id AND sales.time_id=times.time_id
  AND sales.channel_id=channels.channel_id
  AND times.calendar_month_desc IN ('2000-09', '2000-10')
  AND country_iso_code='US'
GROUP BY channel_desc;

For more information on the SH schema see Sample Schemas and Schema Diagrams.

Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) Schema

The SSB schema provides a well-known large sample data set. The SSB schema contains 1 TB of data (storage of the sample data sets does not count towards your database storage). You can use this schema to test the performance of your service. You can run the sample queries on this schema with different database services, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW and with different number of ECPUs (OCPUs if your database uses OCPUs) to test the performance of Autonomous Database.

The SSB schema contains the tables: lineorder, customer, supplier, part, and dwdate. See Sample Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) Queries and Analytic Views for a list of sample queries you can use against the SSB schema. Note that you need to prefix the table names with the schema name SSB in your queries.

For more information on database services, see Predefined Database Service Names for Autonomous Database.