Edit Automatic Backup Retention Period on Autonomous Database

You can change the backup retention period for automatic backups on Autonomous Database with a retention period between 1 day and up to 60 days.

Editing the backup retention period is only available for instances using the ECPU compute model. See Compute Models in Autonomous Database for more information.


The storage for backups incurs additional costs. See ECPU Compute Model Billing Information for more information.

Perform the following prerequisite steps as necessary:

  • Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console by clicking the navigation icon next to Oracle Cloud.

  • From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure left navigation menu click Oracle Database and then, depending on your workload click one of: Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous JSON Database, or Autonomous Transaction Processing.
  • On the Autonomous Databases page select an Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.

To change the automatic backup retention period:

  1. On the Autonomous Database Details page, under Backup, in the Automatic backup retention period field, click Edit.

    displays the Edit backup retention dialog.

  2. To edit the automatic backup retention period, enter the automatic backup retention period (in days).
    • Enter a value in the text field or use the arrows to increase or decrease the backup retention period.

    • Use the slider to select the backup retention period.

  3. Click Save changes.

Notes for specifying the automatic backup retention period:

  • The backup retention period specifies how many days automatic backups are retained and the period for which you are billed for the automatic backups that are retained. If you change the backup retention period to a shorter period and automatic backups exist that are older, you are no longer billed for the automatic backups with timestamps beyond the specified retention period (and Autonomous Database may delete the older automatic backups).

    If you change the backup retention period to a longer period, for example if you change from 7 to 60 days, Autonomous Database starts retaining automatic backups up to 60 days, and billing for the retained backups. If older automatic backups already exist and were not deleted when you changed to a shorter backup retention period, the backups that have not been deleted show up and you are again billed for the automatic backups.

  • The backup retention period for a remote peer database follows that of the source Primary database. Automatic backups are only taken on a peer database when it becomes the Primary database after a switchover or after a failover.

    See Use Standby Databases with Autonomous Data Guard for Disaster Recovery and Use Backup-Based Disaster Recovery for more information.