Get Help, Search Forums, and Contact Support

When you use Oracle Autonomous Database, sometimes you need to get help from the community or to talk to someone in Oracle support. This topic provides more information about getting help by viewing and posting questions on forums and using Oracle Cloud Support to create a support request.

Post Questions on Forums

If you can't find an answer to a question through search, you can submit a question to one of the forums. This option is available to all customers.

Cloud Customer Connect Forums

For any issue related to Autonomous Database or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can post a question to Cloud Customer Connect:

Stack Overflow Knowledge Forum

If you are working with Autonomous Database and you have technical questions, you can use stackoverflow to post questions and to find answers or to help others answer their questions. When you post, tag your question with oracle-autonomous-db, as follows:

Questions tagged [oracle-autonomous-db]

Open a Support Ticket

If forums and other search options do not resolve your issue and you need to talk to someone, you can create a support request.

If you need to file a service request use Oracle Cloud Support or contact your support representative and provide the tenancy details. In addition to support for technical issues, you can open support requests if you need to:

Use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console to Create a Support Ticket

The first time you open a support ticket, you're automatically taken through a series of steps to provision your support account. If you want to make changes or if you run into problems, see Configuring Your Oracle Support Account.

To create a support request from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console:

  1. On the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure open the Help menu (help menu) and under Request Help, click Create Support Request.

  2. Enter the following:

    • Issue Summary: Enter a title that summarizes your issue. Avoid entering confidential information.
    • Describe Your Issue: Provide a brief overview of your issue.
      • Include all the information that support needs to route and respond to your request.

        See Obtain Tenancy Details for details on obtaining Autonomous Database information.

      • Include troubleshooting steps taken and any available test results.
    • Select the severity level for this request.
  3. Click Create Support Request.