Database Features Unavailable in Autonomous Database

Lists the Oracle Database features that are not available in Autonomous Database. Additionally, database features designed for administration are not available.

List of Unavailable Oracle Features

  • Oracle Real Application Security Administration Console (RASADM)

  • Oracle Industry Data Models

  • Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack

  • Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack


    Oracle Data Safe, available with Autonomous Database provides Data Masking. See Use Oracle Data Safe with Autonomous Database for more information.
  • Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database

  • Oracle Multimedia: Not available in Autonomous Database and deprecated in Oracle Database 18c.

  • Oracle Sharding

  • Custom locale objects, including: language, territory, character set, and collation (linguistic sort) are not supported. Custom locale definitions created using Oracle Locale Builder cannot be deployed on Autonomous Database. See Customizing Locale Data for more information.